About Us



A learning professional is military, civilian, and contracted personnel who support, develop, manage, direct, advise, oversee, create, design, evaluate, or deliver learning. If you work in or support learning, you are a learning professional. If you are a supervisor, OJT trainer, CDC writer, mentor, coach, certifier, leadership, etc. then…Yes, YOU are also a learning professional!

Learning Professionals

  • Galvanize members’ growth and development
  • Support achievement of goals and drive performance
  • Champion learning empowerment and a growth mindset
  • Increase engagement and motivation
  • Improve quality of work and performance
  • Drive a learning architecture
The Learning Professionals’ Branch enhances the force by emphasizing and providing opportunities for learning professionals to acquire the skills needed to develop and deliver high quality learning experiences. The FD Learning Professional program is responsible for collaboratively building and supporting learning for the men and women who train and educate in the Department of the Air Force.
Contact us: aetc.a3bp.workflow@us.af.mil