Learning Professionals' Consortium

2021 Learning Professionals’ Consortium (LPC-21)

AF Learning Professionals' Consortium 2021


Interested in sessions from the LPC-21? Links to each of the sessions are below for your education and training needs: 

LPC-21 Day 1 Agenda

Opening Remarks - Col Mark Coggins, Force Development Competencies Division Chief
Idea Lab 1 Building a Sustainable Performance Assessment Ecosystem for Learning - Dr. Winston Bennett, Readiness Product Live Lead (recording not available)
Idea Lab 2 Transformational Teaching & Learning: Using SAMR Model for Technology Integration - Dr. Elizabeth "Lisa" Rich, Chief, Faculty Development Flight, 37th TRSS
Idea Lab 3 Just Add Leaders: Building a Flight Commander Course - Maj Courtney Scott, Course Director, Leadership and Ethics Department, eSchool of Graduate PME, Co-Presenters: Mike Hower and Carolyn Knutson-Vaccaro
Poster Talks
- Emotional Intelligence in Basic Instructor Course - Dr. William Smith, ELITE Course Director, 81 TRSS Faculty Development Flight, Mr. Mark Jegel, Curriculum Development Manager, 81 TRSS Faculty Development Flight
- Designing Mini-Courses for Digital Badging Efforts - Dr. Elizabeth "Lisa" Rich, Chief, Faculty Development Flight, 37th TRSS
- Sociocultural Systems Thinking Practical Exercises - Dr. Ava Santos, Research Psychologist, U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI)

Learning...to be Your Best SelfDr. Brian “Beam” Maue, AFWERX Mission Lead
ELITE: Developing the Airmen We NeedDr. William Smith, ELITE Course Director

LPC-21 Day 2 Agenda

Opening Remarks/Keynote Speaker 
- Maj. Gen. Jeannie M. Leavitt, Director of Operations and Communications, Headquarters Air Education and Training Command
- Lt. Gen. Marshall B. "Brad" Webb, Commander, Air Education and Training Command

Going Online Through Four Doors - Dr. Kristen A. Lewis, TDE Chief
Engaging Airmen in the Online Classroom - Mrs. Monica Garcia, Curriculum Development Branch Chief, Air Force Career Development Academy (AFCDA)
Creating Tailored (Chunked) Learning: Theory & Practice - Ms. Tammy Bugher, M.Ed., Online Learning Course Director
Linguist Next: Modernizing the Learning Model - Ms. Julie Cantwell, Technical Director, Language Education and Training, 517th Training Group
Lessons from Manpower Data Analytics Learning Path - Capt Zachary Hornberger, Chief, Manpower Requirements Development
Right Training, Right Time, Right Way - Capt Joshua Garvison, Flight Commander, 313 TRS, Goodfellow AFB
Creating Essential & Effective Questions - Dr. Calli Holaway, Director of Academic Assessment
Operational Training Infrastructure (OTI) for Warfighter Readiness - Dr. Edward Degnan, Civ, Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS)

LPC-21 Day 3 Agenda

Opening Remarks/Featured Speaker
- Dr. Angela Canada, Division Chief, FD Credentialing
- Dr. Bonnie Houser, Deputy Chief, AF Voluntary Education
Industry Presentations
Learner-centered Teaching and Learning
- Ms. Davina Farrell, ESL/EFL Specialist, DLIELC
Innovative Counseling Approaches - Ms. Audrey Herwig Mendoza, Faculty Development Training Development Chief, 82 TRW
Teaching Strategies that Lead to Deeper Learning - Dr. Shelley Howell, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Services
Industry Presentations
Flipping Avionics Training Upside DownTSgt Shannon van Roekel, Career Development Manager, 365th Training Squadron
F2020 AETC Learning Professional Training Gap Analysis - Dr. Randy Coats, Deputy Director of Analysis and Innovation, HQ Air Education and Training Command 
Anytime Learning Anywhere Device Info Net (ALADIN) - Juan C. Cobar, Instructor Supervisor, 333d Training Squadron