LPC-22 22 June 2022 Agenda

2022 Learning Professionals Consortium

2022 Learning Professionals’ Consortium (LPC) virtual event gives attendees attendees the opportunity to learn best practices, hear successful collaboration stories, and gain solutions to learning issues through presentations, interactive workshops, and discussion forums focusing on topics relevant to Learning Professionals.


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22 Jun Agenda *All times are CST. **This agenda is subject to change

8:45 a.m. Meeting Opens


9:00 a.m. Welcome 

Dr. Wendy Walsh, Chief Learning Officer, Air Education and Training Command 

9:15 a.m. Leveraging Community Partnerships 

Ms. Susan Williams, Director of Military and Veteran Affairs for Angelo State University
Dr. Brook R. Dickison, Assistant Professor, Center Teaching and Learning Excellence
Ms. Lanna S. Hubbard M.S., LPC, Dean of Instruction, Howard College 
Dr. Donald Tharp, Director of Operations, 17th Training Support Squadron 
This presentation will discuss the collaboration between Goodfellow AFB and the San Angelo educational entities and their response to the lack of professional development support for airmen and various instructors within industry. The partnership has created a community that facilitates an incubator of teaching strategies which enhances the learning environment for adult learners and promotes professional and personal growth for the individual and the community they serve. 

9:45 a.m. ***Idea Lab Developing Program Learning Outcomes for an Outcomes-Based Curriculum (2-hr session)

Dr. Stephanie Hostetter, Learning Architect, Air University eSchool of Graduate PME
Jon French, Learning Architect, Air University eSchool of Graduate PME
Mike Hower, Learning Architect, Air University eSchool of Graduate PME
This session will include discussions on the development of the tightly-integrated program learning outcomes (PLOs) for four officer PME programs during the shift to outcomes-based learning. By attending this presentation, attendees will gain insights for developing learning outcomes for individual programs which may be useful during a transition to outcomes-based learning or for programs which must meet a multitude of requirements from disparate sources.

11:45 a.m.  Lunch  


1:00 p.m. Community Chat: Avolve - An Overview of the Platform   

Mr. Robert Roseman, Innovative Solutions Team Program Manager, Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Avolve is a US Air Force-owned content sharing platform for videos, documents, websites, and learning paths for education and self-improvement, available behind CAC authentication for unclassified content. Users from across the Department of the Air Force can create, upload, or link to content that demonstrates and/or explains concepts relevant to their military mission. Like YouTube, Avolve empowers users to share with others. Like Netflix, Avolve recommends content based on viewing habits. Through Avolve, users are able to create Learning Paths and Playlists for content.

1:30 p.m. Building Effective Agents of Change through Self-Reflection

Dr. Hanan Khaled, Department Chairperson, Department of Army/Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center 
The most powerful, durable, and effective agents of educational change in any professional fields are the teachers. This research-based session shares a social constructivist teacher professional development program and its implementation. The program is adaptable to different educational contexts and teachers’ varied self-reflection tendencies. Through the program, teachers’ learning was mediated through interactions with the course resources, reflective tasks, students, colleagues, instructional coaches, supervisors, and the facilitator—developer of the project.    

2:00 p.m. Applying the ADDIE Model to Create a Leadership Mentoring Cohort  

Ms. Cecelia Zaks, Instructional Designer, Air Forces Services Center
Ms. Lesley Glendenning, Training Specialist, Air Forces Services Center

This session will show how the ADDIE ISD model was used to create a leadership mentoring cohort, from identifying the needs of the field to evaluating the return on investment and lessons learned.

2:30 p.m. Anywhere! Anytime! Instructor Essentials for Today’s Airmen

Dr. Kelly Jewell-Glasscock, Curriculum Developer and Instructor, Air University Teaching and Learning Center
Dr. Ruth Busby, Curriculum Developer and Instructor, Air University Teaching and Learning Center
Dr. Susan Slear, Curriculum Developer and Instructor, Air University Teaching and Learning Center

Highly effective instructors in military classrooms are vitally important to the success of the mission. Preparing instructors to successfully teach and promote learning requires understanding of a variety of learning theories, active learning strategies, assessment methods and technology skills. The Air University Teaching and Learning Center created the Teaching Essentials Course (TEC) to equip instructors with interactive foundational lessons that are student-centered, flexible and evidenced based. The TEC is beneficial for newly assigned and beginning instructors as well as veteran instructors who may want a refresher. This course is suitable for civilian instructors to enlisted and officer instructors and is offered in multiple modalities with unparalleled flexibility, making it customizable for diverse needs. Currently, there is no asynchronous faculty development programming like the TEC throughout the DOD. Airmen can access the TEC anywhere at any time providing options and flexibility especially for deployed individuals. In this session, this unique approach including process and lessons learned will be shared.

3:00 p.m. Percipio Update

Mr. Mark Onisk, Chief Content Creator, SkillSoft
In this session see how Percipio, the new learning platform for Air Force eLearning, will inspire and motivate Airmen to take more ownership of their own development and promote learning across the ranks. Percipio is Latin for "Acquiring Knowledge".  

3:30 p.m. Break

3:45 p.m. The Social Hanger 

The Social Hanger - Join us after the LPC-22 for some virtual conversation and fun

4:30 p.m. Closing 


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***Idea Labs are interactive sessions where presenters will provide participants the tools/skills to solve a problem or issue. The Idea Labs attendees will be either Participants (actively engaging with the presenters and the material) or Observers (attending the session in view only capacity). The number of Participants is limited in each session to 25 to ensure maximum engagement; however, the session will be open to all other event attendees as Observers.

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