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Military training leader creates app, saves hours of in-processing Security Forces students

  • Published
  • By C Arce
  • 37th Training Wing Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – Force Generators pave the way for advancing force development in our force, and a military training leader with the 343rd Training Squadron symbolizes just that… plus more.

Staff Sgt. Justin Davis created a web-based app that saves several hours each week during the in-processing of students and has saved the Air Force over $15,000 as a result of no longer printing 400,000 pieces of paper annually.

Davis, who joined the Air Force in November 2006, said it took him, along with other MTLs, about eight hours a week to prepare, print, scan and upload in-processing documents, considering that each student fills out 13 documents.

“As MTLs, our number one priority is to be able to spend time with and mentor our students,” Davis said. “Because of the app, I’ve given myself 10 hours each week that I don’t have to spend doing admin work, and instead, spend more time with the students.”

Now, because of the app he created, the squadron can in-process 80 to 100 students weekly in under five minutes. Although using the app isn’t mandatory, all 574 students in the past six weeks opted for the digital option, versus filling out paper copies. 

The web-based app is accessed through a QR code or direct link, and the students fill out five boxes that covers the entirety of the 13 printed paper copies, including policies and memorandums.

The app is continually updated with information and students are encouraged to provide feedback to Davis. He added that students asked about opportunities to volunteer, so he added a section in the app where students can sign up for various events.

“Lackland Elementary School was looking for volunteers and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to add that event in the app,” he said. “Within 72 hours, 171 students signed up and it was incredible having everyone there to help move teachers into their newly renovated classrooms.”

Additionally, the app includes various resources such as local maps, training videos, local and resiliency resources, career success guides, dorm discrepancy submissions, and a feedback form for the squadron commander and MTLs.

Davis shared his excitement of integrating this type of innovation into the day-to-day tasks of Airmen, especially those who use forms, or even hosts events, at their jobs.

“Ultimately, we have a fundamental way to get this out to our Airmen and educate them about this type of technology,” he said. “I’ve had people reach out to me asking how to incorporate an app like this for multi-day events they host for Airmen and senior leaders. Technology like this really has the probability to save hours and even thousands of dollars across the Air Force.”

In the near future the 343 TRS plans to use the app to digitize student out-processing as well. Currently, students fill out between six to eight paper copy documents to out-process.

“It’s an honor to help the 343 TRS in modernizing our processes,” Davis said. “As an MTL, it’s part of our duty to help transform the way our Airmen learn, and that includes figuring out ways to eliminate redundancies, following Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown Jr.’s Action Order B.”

The 343rd Training Squadron is aligned under the 37th Training Wing and conducts the initial training for 100% of security forces personnel.