Force Development Digital Credentials

Digital Credentialing 101
• Are verifiable, translatable, shareable, and secure digital records of achievement that demonstrate what an Airman knows and can do

• Validate technical and soft skills that may otherwise be unaccounted for in various training records

• Enhance commanders' ability to identify Multi-Capable Airmen (MCA) with current and future skill sets that put the right people in the right place at the right time

• Contain metadata such as detailed badge descriptions, concrete earning criteria, issuing bodies, issuance and/or expiration dates, skills tags, and industry or academic standards

• Have been increasingly adopted in major organization such as IBM, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Salesforce, Cisco, Adobe, and Bank of America to identify, develop, and promote talent
• Offer career field managers tools to make data-driven decisions to promote a learning culture, optimize professional development and talent management efforts, build and manage a skills inventory, recruit for specific skills, and prepare for mission readiness

Provide comprehensive learning and development pathways for career fields that do not have defined career field education and training plans

• Help airmen translate their skills to industry when exiting the force and promote their accomplishments on resumes and social media platforms


Strategic Plan Goals:

Implement a competency-based construct that quantifies and captures learning from education, training and experience, and is the force development foundation.

Strategic Plan Objectives:

  • Develop and assess institutional competencies
  • Aid Career Field Managers to develop and assess occupational competencies
  • Identify and track Developmental Special Experiences (DSE)
  • Develop and field the Airman's Learning Record (ALR)


Digital Badging Model Banner

Digital Badging Model

The Digital Badging Model is a high-level view of the major steps A3BD takes to build digital badges. The model presents a simple and systematic use case that is flexible to the needs of each community. A3BD works directly with Career Field Managers, MAJCOM Functional Managers, and Subject Matter Experts to develop the criteria for each badge.

In the six major steps, A3BD will:

  1. Identify audience, roles, SMEs, working groups, and industry partners 
  2. Define value proposition, skills, expectations, timelines, responsibilities, and communication plan
  3. Map badge pathways, align skills to external and internal benchmarks, then layout how badges level and stack together
  4. Build badge criteria, rubrics, and checklists
  5. Execute communication plan and digital credential launch
  6. Test, learn, iterate, and refine the process

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Click each badge icon to learn more about A3BD’s current and future digital credentialing initiatives with the career fields shown below.

First Sergeants Career Field BadgeLearning and Development Professionals Career Field BadgeCyberspace Support Career Field BadgeParalegals Career Field Badge

Badges for additional career fields are currently in development and will be linked here when completed.


Who is AETC/A3BD?

HQ AETC/A3BD is the lead agent for developing digital credentials across the Department of the Air Force. AETC/A3BD facilitates Force Development accreditation and certification programs designed to document evidence of progressive learning accomplishments through digital credentials, badges, and certificates.



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