• Earn a digital badge for what you know and can do

    Getting credit for what you know and can do is becoming easier with the launch of a digital credentials beta test currently underway. Under the Force Development umbrella, Air Education and Training Command’s Credentialing Division has partnered with industry and academia to test a digital credentialing, or “badging” process, for individuals within the Air Force Learning Professionals, Bio-environmental and First Sergeants communities.
  • Developmental Special Experiences Catalog now available on MyVECTOR

    Air & Space Professionals can now access the Developmental Special Experiences catalog on MyVECTOR. The DSE Catalog is a consolidated list of available opportunities for Department of the Air Force officers, enlisted and civilians that enables members to grow professionally. The catalog is maintained by the Force Development Credentialing Division within Air Education and Training Command.
  • AETC Learning Wi-Fi Service begins roll out across the command

    In an effort to expand learning opportunities for Airmen and enable training and education from any device, Air Education and Training Command has begun a project to install commercial wireless Internet across the command called the AETC Learning Wi-Fi Service.
  • 23rd Flying Training Squadron revolutionizes pilot training

    The 23rd Flying Training Squadron is responsible for training helicopter pilots and enlisted aircrews, preparing them for their next assignments.
  • Building training innovation

    The trainer development center is responsible for modernizing training materials for the Air Force through the most cost-effective methods possible. The cost-effective modernization of training equipment is made possible through the four sections of the trainer development center: the instructional technology unit, trainer development portion, simulation software and cyber campus training network.


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