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The Learning Professionals Question & Answer (LPQ&A) effort began in October 2020 with virtual sessions where participants interact with presenters to get a more in-depth level of engagement, sharing knowledge and experiences. The goal for these events is to keep Air Force Learning Professionals engaged virtually with presenters and topics of interest from other groups from across the Department of Defense, industry, and academia.

Join us for an hour to learn something new! Miss an event? They are always recorded and accessible on this page! The LPQ&A is a great training tool, offering the opportunity to use the events/recordings as the basis for team discussions on the topics or incorporate recordings and resources into existing training plans.

See below for previous event recordings. 

LPQ&A May '22 Event Flyer

LPQ&A Upcoming Events

May 19 - Gamification of Learning

July 19 - Neuroplasticity  

Aug 25 - Designing for all Learners

Sept 25 - Update on Advanced Distributed Learning

Oct 20 - Engaged Agility

January 2022 LPQ&A - Interest-Based Negotiations: Transforming Conflict through a Collaborative ApproachJanuary 2022 LPQ&A - Interest-Based Negotiations: Transforming Conflict through a Collaborative ApproachOctober 2021 LPQ&A Putting Your Best Digital Self Forward Presented by Dr. Jered BorupSeptember 23, 2021 LPQ&A Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property presented by Ms. Abby BoggsSeptember 2021 LPQ&A Tile linkAugust LPQ&A Event tile link June LPQ&A "Technical Training Transformation" Event linkMay LPQ&A "Emotional Intelligence" Event LinkApril LPQ&A "The Four Pillars of an Elite Organizational Culture" Event Link February LPQ&A "A Look at Competency-Based Assessment" Event linkJanuary LPQ&A "Navigating Change as a Learning Professional" Event link