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Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)

The 1750 civilian career series education and training plan is the first for this career field. This effort is leading the way for the Air Force in establishing the foundation for integrating competencies into an education and training plan that will provide well-defined paths for Airmen and civilian employees.

What is the CFETP?

The CFETP provides a consolidated framework for commanders, training managers, supervisors, and trainers to plan, develop, manage, and conduct an effective and efficient development program. The plan outlines the training and competencies individuals in this occupational series should obtain in order to develop and progress throughout their careers. This plan identifies competencies, proficiency levels, and proficiency development requirements.

Purpose of the CFETP
  • Serves as a management tool to plan, manage, conduct, and evaluate a training program. It is also used to help supervisors identify training and development at the appropriate point in an individual’s career.
  • Identifies competencies, sub-competencies, and proficiency levels and recommends education and training throughout each phase of an individual’s career.
  • Lists training courses available in the occupational series, identifies sources of training, and the training delivery method.
How is the CFETP used?
The CFETP should be used by supervisors at all levels to ensure comprehensive and cohesive training and development programs are available for each individual in the occupational series. Individuals should review career goals and progression with supervisors and mentors during scheduled performance feedback and mentoring sessions. Supervisors and work center managers ensure their training programs complement the CFETP competency and proficiency level requirements. On-the-job training, resident training, and contract training or exportable courses can enhance identified requirements.

Each individual completes the applicable competency and proficiency level requirements specified in this plan. The list of courses in Part 2 is used as a reference to support and enhance training and development requirements. Additional learning opportunities are outlined in the competency assessment workbooks.

1750 Development Cycle

The 1750 Development Cycle allows employees to visualize not only what they need in order for them to be successful in their current position, but to identify and pursue what is needed to achieve their short- and long-term goals. The cycle is continuous and intended to reflect development never ends.

.1750 CFETP Development Cycle

Assessment Workbooks

Competency Model

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