Competency Assessment Workbooks

A competency assessment is not a static process or just another checklist. Assessments can be designed to balance between the skills and elements needed on the job in conjunction with the underlying characteristics that will allow individuals to be able to merge the technical, leadership, managerial, social and interpersonal competencies. The competency assessment workbooks are a way to assess individuals on a set of competencies (based on a competency model of the job) that are critical to job and organizational success. They focus on the end state and goals that define successful behaviors that are expected of personnel within a particular career series.

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Learning and Educational Practices 

Description: Apply current research and theory to the foundational discipline of instructional design

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF


Description: Clearly and effectively presents ideas and issues in both speaking and writing

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF


Description: Apply a variety of instructional technologies to address specific learning needs

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF


Description: Process used to identify critical tasks and identify the standards, conditions, performance measures and other criteria needed to perform each task

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF

Design and Development 

Description: Processes used to determine the instructional strategies and select the instructional methods and media; and develop instructional materials

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF


Description: Continuous process throughout the life cycle of the instructional system

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF

Student Flow

Description: Manage student throughput and classes in the learning enterprise

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF 

Personnel Management 

Description: A wide array of talent management and other personnel related actions that ensure continued success of a learning organization

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF

Resource Management

Description: Manage resources in support of the learning enterprise

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF 

Program Management 

Description: Manage organizational programs that support the learning enterprise

Competency Assessment Workbook - PDF

Competency Model

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