Learning Professionals Question & Answer


The Learning Professionals' Question & Answer (LPQ&A) effort began in October 2020 with virtual sessions where participants interact with presenters to get a more in-depth level of engagement, sharing knowledge and experiences. The goal for these events is to keep Air Force Learning Professionals engaged virtually with presenters and topics of interest from other groups from across the Department of Defense, industry, and academia.

Join us for an hour to learn something new! Miss an event? They are always recorded and accessible on this page! The LPQ&A is a great training tool, offering the opportunity to use the events/recordings as the basis for team discussions on the topics or incorporate recordings and resources into existing training plans.

See below for previous event recordings. 

LPQ&A event flyer May 2024

LPQ&A event flyer June 2024

LPQ&A Upcoming Events

May 23 - Story Driven Learning Experiences 
June 27 - Using ChatGPT Tools for Video Production
July 25 - Upskilling your Designs: Skills, Tools and Techniques
August 22 - Video Game Tutorials as Base for e-learning Design

Event presenter/topic subject to change.  

LPQ&A Jan 2024 Future of AI Machine Learning; Bridging the Current Capability with Future AdoptionFeb 2024 LP Question & Answer - Thalheimer
LP Question & Answer, Jan 2023, Using the 4Es to Better Harness the Power of Technology, Dr. Jered BorupLP Question & Answer Feb 2023 Dr. Shanita Williams The Feedback Experience LP Question & Answer Apr 2023 Developing a Disruptive Mindset SSgt Michael MeyerLP Question & Answer 10 May 2023 Teaching with Style Daniel Faust LP Question & Answer 24 May 2023 Effective Online Learning: Insights from Research, Practice, and Learners with Dr. Stephanie Moore Jul 2023 Examining the Value of Serious Games in DoD Workforce Development Jul 2023 Examining the Value of Serious Games in DoD Workforce Development  LPQ&A 24 Aug '23 Awesome PowerPoint Tricks for Effective Presentations  14 Sept 23 Using Portfolios for Program-Level Assessment Dr. Stephanie Hostetter28 Sept 23 20 Ways to Use Microlearning to Add Value to Your Curriculum video12 Oct 23 Self-awareness in Teach Autonomy Ms. Chiayi 26 Oct 23 Emotional Intelligence and the Learning Professionals. Chiayi
LPQ&A Jan 2022 Interest-Based Negotiation: Transforming Conflict Through a Collaborative Approach Dr. Reginald Roberson    LPQ&A Mar 2022 Writing Resumes with Impact Mrs. Hope Barber   LPQ&A May 2022 Using Strategy-Based Games to Learn Dr. Kelly Jewell-Glasscock

LPQ&A July 2022 The Optimal Day: Leveraging Biorhythms & Lifestyle Habits to Elevate Training Design Dr. Brittany LoneyLPQ&A Aug 2022 Designing for All Learners Dr. Megan Hennessey & Dr. Ruth Busby LPQ&A Sep 2022 Lifelong Learning in an Information Overloaded World Dr. Sae Schatz Common Access Card (CAC) required to view this video LPQ&A Aug 2022 Designing for All Learners Dr. Megan Hennessey & Dr. Ruth Busby
LPQ&A Jan 2021 Navigating Change as a Learning Professional, Dr. Shanita Williams    LPQ&A Feb 2021 A Look at Competency-Based Assessment, Dr. Shelly Howell    LPQ&A Apr 2021 The 4 Pillars of an Elite Organizational Culture Dr. Michael McIntyre 

LPQ&A May 2021 Emotional Intelligence, Mr. William Hammerli   LPQ&A Jun 2021 Technical Training Transformation, Maj Jesse Johnson     LPQ&A Jul 2021 Growth Mindset Mr. Trevor Ragan

LPQ&A Aug 2021 Improving Motivation and Engagement Dr. Mark Reith   LPQ&A Sep 2021 Designing Training Experiences Mr. Colt Whittall    LPQ&A Sep 2021 Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Ms. Abby Boggs 

LPQ&A Oct 2021 Putting Your Best Digital Self Forward Dr. Jered Borup