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Space Delta 13 activates to lead STARCOM education and accessions

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  • By Air University Public Affairs

Space Delta 13, a subordinate commands of Space Training and Readiness Command, activated Sept. 13, 2021, on Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

“Space Delta 13 is setting the foundation for the future of Guardian education,” said Brig. Gen. Shawn Bratton, STARCOM commander. “The work of Space Delta 13 is crucial to ensuring our Guardians are prepared to lead in and understand the domain in order to protect our vital national interests in space.” 

Delta 13 will prepare the USSF and designated joint and allied partners to prevail in a contested, degraded, and operationally limited (CDO), all-domain environment by focusing on three key objectives: 

  • Deliver institutional developmental education 
  • Develop U.S. Space Force officer accessions
  • Execute advanced education programs

The Department of the Air Force designated Maxwell as the initial location for Delta 13. The permanent location to be determined through the strategic basing process and approved by the Secretary of the Air Force.

As for near-term goals, Delta 13 will concentrate on building independent developmental education at the intermediate and senior levels for officers and to further enlisted developmental education through the establishment of the Enlisted Center of Excellence.

“The education programs we build will provide the foundation to meet the demands and to ensure we maintain our advantage in space,” said Col. Niki Lindhorst, Air University space chair.  “The demands on our Guardians, joint and international partners to think critically and operate strategically will be critical to our success in any conflict that begins or extends into space.”

The Delta will be focused on delivering institutional developmental education, developing U.S. Space Force officer accessions and executing advanced education programs in order to prepare USSF forces and designated joint and allied partners to prevail in a CDO, all-domain environment.

“We are laser-focused on setting-up the processes, curriculum, and institutions that Space Force needs to develop our Guardians, from cradle to grave,” Lindhorst said.

Historically, Delta 13 draws its heritage from the former 3430th Technical Training Group (TCHTG) at Lowry AFB, Colorado, which was responsible for all space related training in support of the former Air Force Space Command. The 3430th TCHTG was activated Oct. 1, 1984 and inactivated Sept. 1, 1991.