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Tech Training Transformation introduces MOTAR

  • Published
  • By Miriam A. Thurber

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO – Randolph, Texas – Once again, the Analysis and Innovation Directorate’s Det 23 has accelerated change in the education and training landscape. This time, their Tech Training Transformation (T3) team is strengthening the entire Air Force with an Air Education and Training Command digital platform that will deliver, analyze and report all training, making our force more ready, and certainly more lethal. The best part? T3 hit this milestone in partnership with an American small business.

Maj. Jesse Johnson, Commander of Det 23 and T3, started with a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal, pitching collaboration with the Dynepic DX learning platform to create an Air Force-unique, innovate digital ecosystem. After receiving approval, the combined team finished the job in a record-breaking ten months, launching the Member Operations Training Analytics and Reports platform (MOTAR). This agile system ensures the highest quality Airmen graduate the AETC pipeline, equipped with every aspect of knowledge, skill and experience. MOTAR also provides robust performance analytics to our talent management systems, keeping our force aggressively modern by following Airmen from the beginning of their career, all the way to retirement.

When the T3 team presented MOTAR to AETC’s leaders, the panel unanimously voted to validate MOTAR as an AETC requirement, marking it as a key function of Force Development for all future Airmen. This means AETC wings will simultaneously receive both the new training models with VR and AI, and the solutions for tracking progress.

“Airmen are innovating,” said Johnson, “The Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Brown, instructed every Airman to accelerate change, and we’re doing just that. We re-imagined technical training as a whole, and now we’re gifting every level of AETC the very best analyzation and delivery tool on the market.”

T3 Used AFWERX, RapidX, SBIR and Agile Acquisitions methodologies to envision and develop MOTAR.

If you haven’t read how the T3 team has completely transformed the Airmen development process with VR and AI, read about it here. And keep your eyes open for additional T3 and AETC innovations in the future.