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DSE opportunities for squadron command, Wings of Blue, and software development available

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JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas -- Developmental Special Experiences provide Air and Space Professionals more than just education and training opportunities, they help the service build the Airmen needed for the future high-end fight.

The DSEs, cataloged by Air Education and Training Command’s Force Development Credentialing Division’s DSE branch, are hands-on experiences outside of formal training, established recurring opportunities, a means to gain/increase competencies, and duties typically external to primary AFSCs or job series.

The following DSEs are highlighted this quarter:

Officer:  Squadron Commander (BMT, Recruiting, OTS, SOS, ACSC) (DSE0192)  

This DSE is a 2-year tour open to Major/0-4 and Lt. Col./0-5 applicants across the DAF.


- Commands BMT squadron; leads officers, civilians, enlisted (Military Training Instructors), and 1200 USAF/USSF trainees

- Transforms 6,000-7,000 civilians per year into Airmen and Guardians ready to deploy worldwide in   seven to nine weeks

- Replenishes AF combat capability


- Commands 7-10 flights/personnel throughout multiple US states

- Partners with military/civic/educational/community leaders to generate awareness for AF accessions

- Responsible for the accession of high-quality recruits to meet Air Force enlistments and officer needs

Officer Training School/Squadron Officer School/Air Command and Staff College:

- Commands team of officers/enlisted/civilians to deliver 3000+ diverse new AF officers/year

- Commands team of instructors & over 1000 USAF/international officers and DAF civilians annually

- Commands multi-service team of 250 select Field Grade Officer & DOD civilian students in ACSC-  residence course

- Conducts personal, professional, and academic mentoring to officers

Enlisted: ​​​​​​​ USAF Parachute Team (Wings of Blue) Instructor

This DSE is a 4-year tour open to E-5 to E-7 applicants from all career fields. Successful applicants will be assigned to the 98th Flying Training Squadron, U.S. Air Force Parachute Team, and Wings of Blue as freefall parachute instructors.  The Wings of Blue primarily serves as a leadership and character development program for U.S. Air Force Academy cadets.  Strong leadership, mentorship, operations management, and program management is required. 

Depending on experience and qualifications, members are assigned to one of three Airmanship programs:  AM-490 (Basic Freefall), AM-491 (Advanced Parachuting), or AM-496 (USAF Parachute Team).  Team members will also qualify to support local operations, national parachute demonstrations, and/or national parachute competitions.

Civilian, Enlisted, and Officer: ​​​​​​​ Modern Software Development Experience Fellowship (DSE0257)

This DSE tour is six months long and up to two years, and is open to applicants across the DAF.  The mission is to experiment, measure, and learn with fully kitted teams to deliver EW mission-focused software, which is ultimately aimed at software capabilities to win the electronic warfare fight.  Selectees will work on a balanced team, either as a product manager, designer, or software engineer.  Each participant will have the opportunity to receive training from industry experts on the principles of software development and their role within an agile balanced team framework.  The balanced team model is utilized to ensure that shared decisions are made with the proper context from all angles.

**Note:  Each listing in the Catalog is owned and managed by the point of contact’s organization.  The DSE lists detailed information on the prerequisites, description of the DSE, and the application process.  For questions, please contact the POC listed in the DSE.**

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