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Customized catalogs now available in DAF e-Learning for Department of the Air Force Learning Professionals

  • Published
  • By Larisa Langley, Ctr
The new DAF e-Learning platform, Percipio, is now home to the Instructional Systems catalog and the newly created Instructor Development Guide.

The Instructional Systems catalog supports civilian and military personnel responsible for content design and curriculum development. The catalog incorporates customized competency-based resources and recommended activities that support development across ten Instructional Systems competencies in the Professional Foundations, Instructional Systems Development, and Management domains.

The Instructor Development Guide is focused on Airmen and Guardians who are responsible for student interaction, learning engagement, and program evaluation. It includes resources that support observable behaviors within the instructor competency model. It also enables instructors to explore the competencies required for success on the job, and recommended learning and development tools to pursue their career goals.

“Having these catalogs available in DAF e-Learning is an exciting opportunity for Department of the Air Force learning professionals,” said Col. Jason Turner, AETC A3/6 Deputy Director for Force Development. “Percipio gives users the ability to choose how they receive the content, through reading, watching, listening, or practicing.”

Both the Instructional Systems catalog and Instructor Development Guide support occupational competency models. Occupational competencies describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required of all Airmen/Guardians within a specific workforce category needed to perform the mission successfully.

The new DAF e-Learning platform can be accessed at (Common Access Card required). More information on the Instructional Systems competency model can be found here and information on the Instructor Development Guide can be found here.