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Keesler’s take on 6th Gen Learning

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Trenten Walters
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

In line with Second Air Force, the 81st Training Wing is transforming the way technical training students learn with 6th Generation Learning, incorporating advanced classrooms and remote education.

A 6th Generation Learning environment takes a multifaceted approach to how Airmen, both officer and enlisted, are trained inside and outside of the classroom.

“We are taking a more holistic approach of how we can be faster and better,” said Dr. Lynn Soots, 81st Training Group training administrator. “We want to make sure we are training to the highest quality we can.”

Second Air Force is phasing out traditional instructor lead learning and transitioning to student centered learning. The 81st TRG is accomplishing this by introducing the T4 Learning Environment.

“In the T4 Learning Environment, which stands for Teach, Technology, Tailor and Traverse, we look at how we can train in ways that are more agile, flexible and adaptable,” said Soots. “Traverse is the most important point because that's what happens after the classroom, giving students the opportunity to study and hone their skills outside of classroom time.”

Students will have access to tablets, simulators and even apps on their personal devices to further increase their skills and knowledge outside of the classroom, increasing the capability of our multi-capable Airmen.

“What the Airmen have already available to them in their lives is very quick; technology is very quick; information is very quick. To ask students to suddenly reverse their ways of learning is taking them out of their element,” said Soots. “How we fight is not going to be just boots on ground anymore, it's being a commanding force in cyber, space, and information. To maintain our dominant power, we need to train with the future in mind. We need to tap into the best quality of education we possibly can.”