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337 ACS establishes first ever joint UABMT Course

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Briana Beavers
  • 33rd Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 337th Air Control Squadron is currently holding its first iteration of a joint Undergraduate Air Battle Manager Training course this year. 

This joint UABMT program facilitates training for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps junior officers.  

“Our missions and capabilities bleed over and complement each other,” said Lt. Col. Michael Davis, 337th ACS commander. “The Air Force has certain strengths that can help the Marines and vice versa. This training partnership begins to provide a training solution for Joint All Domain Command and Control and ABMs.”   

In general, ABMs utilize strategy and experience to direct airborne assets across a widespread range of combat operations.   

“We orient shooters, par shooters, solve problems, and bring order,” Davis continued. “Operations without ABMs would be similar to a football game without coaches.” 

Throughout the seven-month course, the students must learn a diverse set of skills to perform air battle management and accomplish missions.    

While there is a Marine ABM course equivalent, the plan to integrate the course comes with a specific goal in mind.  

“Our goal is to solidify a training partnership and exchange programs with the USMC with a strategic vision to create a Joint Battle Manager,” Davis said. 

This new generation of joint ABMs has the potential to positively impact air combat and control.  

“It will be beneficial for all branches to know the same information and have the same foundation of knowledge,” said U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lt. Jacqueline Sapitro, 337th UABMT course student. “All branches bring something different to the table, so to speak, and provide different perspectives and expertise. The (joint) career field … ensures we bring a combined arms dilemma to the enemy.” 

Aside from the responsibility that comes with tactical air battle, this group of students helps strengthen camaraderie and influence the future of joint air battle management. 

“My favorite part of this course has been participating in an Air Force curriculum,” said U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Lt. Heather Moore, 337th ACS UABMT course student. “I believe it is important to cross chain with other military branches because in the grand scheme, we are all working together in support of national security and worldwide operations.” 

This joint class will graduate in April 2024 and the 337th ACS looks to continue integrating Marines into the course with plans to bring Marine Instructors on board for a joint schoolhouse.