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Civilian Leadership Development School Ribbon Cutting

  • Published
  • By Robert Dantzler
  • Air University Public Affairs

Air University commemorates the opening of the Civilian Leadership Development School with a ribbon cutting ceremony April 25, 2024, at Maxwell Air Force Base.

CLDS provides the DoD with the only degree-granting program for civilian employees and serves as a step toward readying the civilian force for future conflict.

One-third of the Total Force is comprised of government civilians and their experience and skillsets are heavily relied upon, often referred to as the backbone of the military.

“They provide essential competencies and capabilities that set the conditions for the air, space, and cyber dominance we have come to rely on for strategic, operational, and tactical success,” said Glenda Scheiner, Dept. of the Air Force Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services. “To realize that same success in the future we must make an investment now, into our civilian force.”

Conversations about great power competition and the rapidly changing nature of warfare include discussions on how we must modernize the force to meet the challenges associated with facing adversaries who are as strong militarily as the United States. The Air and Space Forces are looking to utilize and equip every asset to their fullest potential.

“The challenges and threats confronting our nation do not lie over the horizon, they are here now,” Scheiner said. “The CLDS is the best bang-for-the-buck educational development of our civilians, whether its critical thinking skills to solve the wicked problems we face today, or the unknown technological advancements we face tomorrow.”

Air University has cultivated a legacy of excellence and remains essential to our force development. CLDS offers a growing number of courses on their website for civilians of all levels.