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Goodfellow hosts 72 ISR senior leaders, AETC Adjunct Instructor Program kicks off

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Madison Collier
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

 The 17th Training Group welcomed senior leaders from across the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance as well as Cybersecurity career fields to examine the current state of training, April 30 through May 2, providing attendees the opportunity to see the advancements made in intelligence training. 

Goodfellow hosted 72 leaders from more than 40 units across the ISR enterprise to experience training operations the 17th TRG has to offer students. Over the week, attendees met with various squadrons and received hands-on training with the 17th Training Support Squadron’s Instructional Technology Unit, the 312th Training Squadron’s 9S100 special instruments course and the Joint All-Domain Expeditionary, Forward Operations Readiness Generation Exercise training site.

This initiative gave senior leaders valuable insight into the progress made since their training experiences, enhancing their understanding of trainees' capabilities upon entering operational roles. 

Goodfellow Air Force Base remains committed to staying ahead in intelligence training, continuously adapting to the evolving landscape of modern warfare. Recognizing the importance of ongoing improvement, Goodfellow has implemented numerous changes to its training and curriculum to ensure ISR warfighters are well-prepared.

“Keeping our commanders and senior enlisted leaders aware of what goes on during our day-to-day operations and the type of Airmen produced at Goodfellow is very important since not many have been here since they were students,” explained Tech. Sgt. Trevor Dohn, 17th Training Group Commanders Action Group talent management advisor.

In conjunction with Visit-A-Palooza, Air Education Training Command officially launched Track One of the AETC/A2 Adjunct Intelligence Instructor Program. A2IP seeks to tap into operational Airmen's expertise to enhance the training environment at Goodfellow. The program consists of four tracks, each designed to provide a progressively deeper level of engagement and qualification for potential instructors.

Track One is the first of four to launch within the program; it offers a comprehensive overview of what it means to be an instructor at Goodfellow. Participants in this track, who may not have prior experience in instructing but are interested, go through a week-long immersion into the training environment. They gain insight into the curriculum development processes, observe instructional techniques, and collaborate with experienced instructors to ensure the relevance and accuracy of course content. 

Tracks two and three are projected to roll out summer 2024 as the program progresses, offering an increasingly in-depth experience with the students, peer instructors and course development teams. Track Two is relevant for subject-matter experts who want to inject present-day relevancy while gaining an understanding of the current course material as well as the tactics, techniques and procedures of course delivery to the students. Participants can contribute their operational experiences directly by developing and delivering training materials, enriching the educational experience for trainees. 

Track three represents the next level of involvement, enabling previous Community College of the Air Force instructors to return to the intelligence training environment to teach blocks of instruction. This projected track combines previous instructor experience with current operational relevancy to provide the most up-to-date intelligence training. 

Track four is envisioned to address evolving mission requirements and specialized training needs. This projected track involves an extended period of time at Goodfellow, during which participants undergo intensive training and mentorship to hone their teaching skills and become certified instructors. As the program evolves, it will serve as a platform for continuous improvement and innovation in intelligence training.

Looking ahead, AETC/A2IP envisions a more flexible process for gaining and maintaining instructor qualifications. The program provides personnel with opportunities that are flexible with the member and unit schedules to ensure efficiency without permanent assignment to Goodfellow. 

Instructors are the cornerstone of military technical training, leading Airmen with communication, discipline and a vast amount of knowledge. To meet current and future great power competition pacing challenges, the ISR instructor corps must be made of individuals who will step up to the challenge and begin to reinvigorate junior Airmen through real-world relevance and showcase mission criticality.

“We need to take our career field into our own hands and make it the best that we can, especially with great power competition. We need to be resourceful and think outside of the box, and that is what we are doing here,” said Mari-Ann Isom, Air Education Training Command Adjunct Instructor Program manager.

The AETC/A2IP is designed to leverage the wealth of knowledge and experience within the ISR community and to elevate the quality of instruction at Goodfellow. By cultivating a network of skilled and dedicated instructors, the program aims to ensure that trainees receive the highest caliber of education and preparation for their operational roles in today's dynamic security environment.