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Facilitation GuideWorkshop for Facilitator Skills

Developed for the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence Facilitator Skills Workshop, this facilitator guide provides instruction, tips, and techniques for new facilitators, or for more experienced ones who simply want to refresh their skills. Learning Professionals will learn to shape and run learning events and improve their ability to execute learning techniques. Topics focus on such skills as leading guided discussions, using a variety of questioning techniques, and executing activities to increase student interaction and learning.   

MilWikiAF Instructor Guidebook

Common Access Card (CAC) Required - This manual provides the practical information needed to teach adult students. While it applies to most adult education situations, the emphasis is on training and education in a military setting.


iafInternational Association of Facilitators

The International Association of Facilitators is a worldwide community of facilitators promoting excellence in the use of professional group process facilitation to create engagement and impact.  We enable our members to thrive by growing their skills, their network and their career.


ibstpiInternational Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction

The International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction ( ibstpi®) is a not-for-profit corporation that provides leadership to the community by setting the standards.

Professionalism, Trust, Loyalty & CommitmentProfessionalism, Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment

Air Force instructors and other Learning Professionals are held to the highest standards of professionalism. Key aspects of professional behavior include building trust, loyalty, and commitment among students, fellow instructors, and other Air Force members. This slide presentation defines professionalism, trust, loyalty, and commitment to reinforce what it takes to be an instructor with character and virtue.


Difference Between Presenting, Training, and FacilitatingThe Difference Between Presenting, Training, and Facilitating

Most use the term “facilitating” loosely, but facilitating a group is different from training a group. And, training a group is different from presenting to them. Participants in these settings expect different results and become frustrated when the session falls short of their expectations. You have the power to better set the expectations – with the right approach

Inclusive Adult Learning EnvironmentInclusive Adult Learning Environment

Adult educators recognize that factors in the learning environment related to psychological, social, and cultural conditions exert a powerful influence on learners' growth and development. Current discussions now include the need to confront issues of sexism and racism, interlocking systems of power and oppression, and social justice. This article provides Learning Professionals with suggestions on ways to create an inclusive learning environment that will reduce tensions and increase students’ learning.

Active Learning - Creating Excitement in the ClassroomActive Learning - Creating Excitement in the Classroom

Research consistently has shown that traditional lecture methods, in which professors talk and students listen, dominate classrooms. It is important to know the nature of active learning, the empirical research on its use, the common obstacles and barriers that give rise to faculty members' resistance to interactive instructional techniques, and how faculty, faculty developers, administrators, and educational researchers can make real the promise of active learning.

Online Facilitation TipsTips to Facilitate Online Class Participation

Student engagement is a challenge for any teacher. But when you’re training adults, it gets even harder. And when that training is happening online, involving you, your LMS, and a bunch of screens? Yikes. You have your lesson materials, a discussion board and a group of individuals with different learning styles. How can you get them to engage, and stay engaged? How can you ensure online class participation?  These 20 tips are a great place to start!


YouTube - Facilitation Techniques & SecretsFacilitation Techniques & Secrets

Are you looking for facilitation skills training videos that will help you improve your facilitation techniques? In this video, I’m sharing with you some facilitation training that will help transform you into a top-notch meeting facilitator.

YouTube - How to Use Microsoft Teams for Online InstructionHow to use Microsoft Teams for Online Instruction

View this video for tips and tricks on how to maximize Microsoft Teams as a tool for virtual teaching and learning.

Accidental Trainer podcast

The Accidental Trainer:  Deliver Effective Online Learning

Research-based consultant and speaker Will Thalheimer joins ATD for a very informative episode on effective presentation science and delivering learning online. They cover how trends like emotion-based learning might be over-emphasized, going beyond the four levels of learning evaluation and entering into the Trigger Zone. 

ATD Talks Talent podcastATD Talks Talent: Coaching Excellence

Coaching is a cornerstone of professional development. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Virginia Bianco-Mathis is considered a thought leader in this field. As part of ATDs series of interviews with talent development experts to mark ATD’s 75th year, they asked Dr. Bianco-Mathis to share her insight on why coaching works, coaching challenges and best practices, and trends that are shaping the future of executive coaching.

Telling Aint Training:  Updated, Expanded, EnhancedTelling Aint Training book

By Harold D. Stolovich and Erica J. Keeps.  A must have for trainers... Telling Ain't Training is an essential book for all learning and development professionals. When the first edition of Telling Ain't Training was published in 2002, its practical, learner-focused approach quickly became a favorite with learning and development professionals, as well as school teachers, parents, professors, and anyone else who trains, educates, or instructs. Chock-full of myth-busting research and ready-to-use tools, always delivered in a lighthearted and entertaining style, Telling Ain't Training set new standards for the training industry.



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